Covid-19 Corona virus reaction

In such unprecedented times AM Seafoods is doing its utmost to cope as an essential food service provider.

As soon as the Prime Minister announced the lockdown on 23rd March we implemented a series of preventative health measures throughout all aspects of the business. This included increasing the frequency of cleaning schedules, strict use of PPE and ensuring the recommended social distancing guidelines are met.

We are protecting our staff by implementing stand-alone workstations in our processing halls. Our shift patterns have been staggered throughout the day to reduce numbers of staff on site at one time while ensuring there is adequate cover for the work required.

We are very grateful for the work our processing staff and fisherman are doing. Fishing boats have introduced protocols that limit the distances of their fishing trip whilst managing the social distancing measures required for crew.

Covid-19 has resulted in the closure of fish markets and the UK restaurant trade has come to a standstill. Now, more than ever it is vital to help fishermen find local markets so that they can keep working and ensure there is still access to a vital fresh food supply.

We thank everyone for the work in such demanding circumstances that still allows us to supply product to customers in the UK, Europe and Asia.

AM Seafoods
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