Installation of Lock Out Safety Guard System

Idem safety lockFollowing an internal audit of all machinery operated within AM Seafoods factory a recommendation was made to install a robust safeguarding system for sections of the whelk line at AM Seafoods.

Information had already been gathered during a stand visit at Foodex Meatex at the NEC in Birmingham earlier in May with Idem Safety Systems of Wigan in Lancashire.

The decision was taken to install a trapped key system designed and developed by Idem Safety. The system provides a mechanical coded key that safeguards through interlocking of hazardous machinery and applications.

The principle behind the system is the releasing of heavy duty coded keys in a pre-determined sequence to ensure machine power has been isolated before any access can be made into areas where hazards or dangerous machinery is present.

The system has proven to be very successful and has been rolled out to several other large machines throughout the factory including conveyor systems.

For further information on types of locking guards please see link to IDEM Safety Switches Ltd


AM Seafoods
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