Our Partners

WM Shellfish LLP

WM Fishing is a Limited Liability Partnership between AM Seafoods Ltd and Richard Williams. Based in Holyhead, North Wales the business has modern live storage facilities and specialises in supplying live shellfish into the UK, Europe and Asia.

The partnership handles shellfish caught by small inshore vessels landing into the ports of North Wales and Anglesey. The fish is extremely fresh and of the highest quality.

In addition there are a small number of highly skilled staff who also process shellfish to service the local and metropolitan hotels and restaurant sectors.

Please see to WM Shellfish’s website for further information.

B&M Fishing LLP

B&M Fishing is a Limited Liability Partnership set up between AM Seafoods and Anne Bynam in 2011. The partnership is based in Fleetwood, formerly in Milford Haven, and relocated in mid-2014. The partnership owns and manages five fishing vessels namely the “Anne Mary B”, “Prosperity”, “Kestrel”, “Julia Anne” and the “Boy Christopher”

The partnership strengthens AM Seafoods working partnership with the vessels who supply the company.

In addition to owning the five fishing vessels B&M also manage the landings of other boats and control the transport of the goods to the Fleetwood factory for processing.

Kildavanan Seafoods Ltd

A partnership established with AM Seafoods in 1995 and based in Fleetwood. Kildavanan offer a full range of shellfish products caught from coasts along the UK. The premium product is then distributed to national and international export markets.

Please see the Kildavanan Seafoods website for further information.

Shell Recycling LLP

The Shell Recycling partnership researches and develops new markets for the shell and shell bi-product produced in AM Seafoods’ Fleetwood facility.

The business has a shell cleaning system that has been reviewed and approved by the State Veterinary Service. The cleaned shell is used in applications ranging from the construction to mineral extraction industries.

In addition the partnership is a keen investor in “green” technology and has installed solar panels and borehole exploration in Fleetwood.

Please see the Shell Recycling website for further information

Siding Rd, Fleetwood, Lancashire, FY7 6NS