Queen Scallops


Queen Scallops Presentation Options:
Half Shell Queen Scallop, Bulk Packed Half Shell Queen Scallop, Whole Queen Scallop, Queen Scallop Meat, Bulk Packed Queen Scallop Meat, Bulk Packed Roe Off Queen Scallop Meat

Queen Scallops are supplied in six presentation options of Meat, Half Shell, Whole, Frill-on, Frill-off, Sack-on and Sack-off.

The cold fresh waters of the Irish Sea are the fishing source of all our high quality Queen Scallops from boats which carry out their fishing trips in less than 24 hours.

These timescales guarantee a freshness and quality for all product arriving at our specialist processing plant in the port town of Fleetwood, on the UK’s north west coast-line.

Our fresh products are delivered to customers in prime condition and our modern blast tunnel freezing technique guarantees the best quality of frozen products too.

Customers can choose to receive their deliveries in trays by weight or bagged, according to their preference.

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