UK sourced Whelks
Whole cooked whelks
UK sourced Whelks
Cooked whelk meat
UK sourced Whelks

Whelks Presentation Options:
Cooked Whelk Meat and Whole Cooked Whelk

Whelk are supplied in two presentation options of either Cooked Meat or Whole Cooked (left in the shell) and fresh or frozen.

Most prolific during the summer months when the highest numbers are caught. However, we have long-standing partnerships with our fishermen who can supply quality whelks all year round.

Specialist seafood transportation companies deliver our product live on an overnight transfer from all UK ports to our specialist processing plant in the port town of Fleetwood on the UK’s north west coast-line.

Once on-site they are separated for processing with the meat cooked in a pressure vessel and the whole whelks cooked in a water bath.

Customers can choose to receive their deliveries in trays by weight or bagged, according to their own preference.

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