Sponsorship of Jake James Moore

Sponsorship of Jake James Moore – Traditional Karate Federation

November 2014

Jake James Moore

AM Seafoods Ltd is proud to announce their sponsorship of Jake James Moore. Jake is a local eight year old boy from Lytham St Annes who is currently one of the youngest members of the Traditional Karate Federation (TKF) GB National Kata Squad.

Jake’s dream is to become a true Karate Champion and represent his country in competition. To do this Jake is truly astounding in his commitment and personal sacrifice. He trains five days a week on average 40+ hours every month. He does miss out on a lot but his ambition to achieve far outstrips this.

Jake James Moore

Jake began training from the age of three at the First Dojo Martial Arts and Fitness Academy. This was all under the guidance of Sensei Jamie Edmonds. Jake is currently a Brown Belt and is due to take his Black Belt Grade in 2015. This is some feat in itself as very rarely do you find any eight year old holding that grade belt qualification.

In November 2014 Jake was successful in being selected to join the TKF GB National Team and along with regional competitions he also has the opportunity to compete in Las Vegas, Japan, Italy and Hungary with the National Squad.

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