Sponsorship of Sylvia T boat skipper Anthony Shine’s skydive

Anthony Shine is the skipper of the Sylvia T, a boat that fishes and lands product from the South Coast of England to AM Seafoods.

footstepsforlouielogoAnthony has a personal goal to help raise funds for a two year old boy called Louie who has been diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. On Sunday 3rd May he took part in a sky dive to raise money for “Footsteps For Louie” and AM Seafoods were more than happy to sponsor him for this very worthwhile cause.

The background behind the campaign is Louie who was born 8 weeks premature, weighing 4Ib, 4oz and who spent the first three weeks of his life in a Special Care Baby Unit. During Louie’s four month check-up, the Paediatrician found that Louie had increased muscle tone in his lower limbs, and tended to arch his back when displaying emotion.

At ten months old Louie’s parents were told the devastating news that their son could potentially have Cerebral Palsy and may never be able to walk unaided. They had no idea what challenges Louie would face, and as the months passed they finally managed to get Louie an MRI scan at eighteen months old. Louie’s diagnosis was confirmed, he had cerebral palsy.

He had suffered a type of brain damage called PVL (Periventricular Leukomalacia) before, during or after birth. As a result, his balance and the mobility in both his arms and legs had been affected.

Now, aged two years old, Louie is an amazing, determined, cheeky little boy, loved by all, desperate to be on his feet. The strength his parents have shown has been incredible and Anthony wanted to help in every way to support and help Louie on his journey.

Anthony’s goal is to raise £1,000 towards the £80,000 target to enable Louie to travel to America to undergo surgery called SDR (Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy). The surgery will permanently reduce the stiffness in Louie’s legs, enabling him to walk independently. This is not a cure, but a massive step towards Louie’s independence. Louie will also be undergoing extensive physiotherapy, pre and post-surgery and will require equipment to help with his progression.

charityskydive2On Sunday 3rd May he took part in the sky dive to raise money for Louie. With the help of Skydive UK Anthony, together with 22 other people, bravely leapt from a plane 15,000 feet above Dunkerswell near Honiton in Devon.

AM Seafoods wish to congratulate Anthony for his fund-raising endeavours and hope that sufficient funds are raised for Louie to travel to America and that he recovers well from his surgery.

View Louie’s fundraising page

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