Update – The Windmill Group Fundraising efforts

A Fundraising Dinner was recently held by the Lancashire Outward Bound Association. In attendance at the event were four young members of the Windmill Youth Group. Their role was to sell as many raffle tickets as possible on the night to raise money to help underprivileged young people from the Blackpool area to attend Outward Bound Courses.

The Windmill Group

Through their endeavors they managed to raise a fantastic £500. Attending the Outward Bound courses gives these underprivileged youngsters the opportunity to improve their confidence and well-being through challenge and adventure.

AM Seafoods had agreed with the four Windmill members that they would match whatever they raised on the night to give to Outward Bound and also to the Windmill Group as part of its charitable contributions.

So in total, thanks to the hard work of the Windmill Group and the match donations from AM Seafoods, the Outward Bound Association received a donation of £1,000 and the Windmill Group received £500.

For further information regarding the Outward Bound Association follow: https://www.outwardbound.org.uk

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